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Yuan's Solo Art Exhibition

Mar 15 – 30

Exploring the sensory world of visually impaired artists in China

Senses play a pivotal role in stimulating inspiration, creation, and reception of artifacts. Despite living in a highly visual environment, our perception of the world is a rich multi-sensory experience. An impairment of vision could lead to changes of sensory, as well as cognitive, habits. The research aims to create a space to learn from the artistic and creative practice of people with vision impairment, how they explore their sensory world and how their creative practice and community engagement with their work can provide socio-cultural understandings of visual impairment, disability and creative practice, as well as give a voice to visually impaired artists. This exhibition will showcase four collaborative projects created by Ma Yuan (PhD candidate from Screen and Media Studies, University of Waikato) and four Chinese visually impaired artists, including four documentary films presenting the creative practices, photography, some final artworks, and some reflections from the artists.


Yuan Ma


Mar 15 – 30
11am - 2pm, each Wednesday to Saturday


The Meteor Theatre
1 Victoria Street
Hamilton Central

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