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    Yours Abstractly

    16 Oct – 18 Nov, 2023

    The Welcome Swallow Gallery presents: Yours Abstractly an exhibition presenting Juliet Roper and Diana Seavill.

    The exhibition Yours Abstractly presents sisters and gallery artists Juliet Roper and Diana Seavill, who both practice their art to varying shades and colours of ‘abstraction’.

    Ms Roper’s beautiful, evocative compositions bring plant and tree life closer to the retina. There can be no mistake, the subject matter demands to be seen, Possibly heard too.

    LIkewise, Ms Seavill presents a cacophonic interplay of shapes, real or imagines that challenges the eye’s ability to enter a revolving sense check. An intensely variegated colour palette ensures that the viewer dances along with each composition, both lifted and entertained by the visual feast.


    16 Oct – 18 Nov, 2023
    Monday - Friday, 9.30am to 4.30pm: Saturday 10am to 2pm


    Welcome Swallow Gallery and Gifts
    378 Grey Street
    Hamilton East

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    Welcome Swallow Gallery and Gifts