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Young Choreographers event

Dec 3 – 17, 2023

Workshops for young choreographers and dance teachers to improve their choreography, performance, confidence, and resilience.

Event structure and purpose:

The workshops will be mostly focussed on student choreography – helping students to be more creative (through improvisation), better and faster at choreography, more confident, better and more expressive performers, calmer under pressure, and more resilient.

Each workshop will have teaching, choreographing, and performing components. They involve training dancers to be better choreographers and performers, and training teachers how to develop and improve their skills in these contexts. This is challenging for all concerned, and audience members will be able to get insights into how this process works, and how to ensure that it is safe for participants.

It will be especially useful for dance (and other) teachers, but you will need to be a participant to get a proper understanding.

The dates and times are:

Sunday 3 December – 2.00-4.00
Monday 4 December – 6.30-7.30
Wednesday 6 December – 5.00-6.30 (or later)
Saturday 9 December – 2.00-4.00
Sunday 10 December – 2.00-4.00 (or later)
Monday 11 December – 6.30-7.30
Tuesday 12 December – 6.30-7.30
Wednesday 13 December – (after the Rehearsal) – 6.30-8.00
Thursday 14 December (after the Dress Rehearsal) – 6.30-8.00
Friday 15 December – 6.30-8.00
Saturday 16 December – 5.00-6.30
Sunday 17 December – 2.00-4.00 (or later).

Entry prices:

Entry prices are $15.00 pp per workshop for participating dancers and teachers, and $15.00 pp per workshop for audience members (observers) aged 10 or over (and $10.00 for those aged 5-9).

For those who wish to attend more than one workshop as a participant or audience member, the prices are $15.00 pp for each of the first 2 workshops attended, then $10.00 for the next 4 ($5.00 each workshop for 5-9s), with the rest free.

Please contact us at info@westlakeproductions.co.nz to register and buy tickets.


Dec 3 – 17, 2023
Afternoons and evenings - details below


The Dance Centre
188 Kent Street

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