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    Unicorn's Lunch - Painting Exhibition by Bridget Barnett & Joslyn Hobbis

    13 Oct – 11 Nov, 2023

    A mischievous exploration of eye-popping colour, biomorphic form and a little bit of sparkle.

    Referencing the traditions of abstraction confronting and pushing the boundaries of perceived value in fine arts, Bridget Barnett and Joslyn Hobbis explore the contrasts and contradictions associated with permanence and impermanence in highbrow and lowbrow art. By painting outside of the confines of what is usually considered the standard rectangle, they layer and disrupt the gestural painted mark with both manual and mechanised gestures, and showcase the luscious quality of paint.

    A playful exploration emerges from spontaneous mark-making and shape-morphing; organic gloops, waves, orbs and wobbles in quirky cartoon form become chicken legs, eggs, gloopy paint, last night’s dinner or slime. Interesting colour choices crackle to reveal layers beneath, inviting closer inspection.

    Experience the exuberant and lively nature of the work which is sure to make any dedicated sourpuss turn sweet.


    13 Oct – 11 Nov, 2023
    Opening Friday 13th 5pm - 7pm, Thursday - Saturday 11am - 3pm


    Nancy Caiger Gallery / The Meteor
    1 Victoria Street
    Hamilton Central

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