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Tukotahi X Art Exhibition

20 May – 12 Jun, 2022

Te Toi Whakaahua gallery in Cambridge is excited to bring you our first Artist exhibition by Tukotahi X. His art speaks of the Waikato.

Te Toi Whakaahua is excited to bring you our first Artist exhibition by Tukotahi X.

” A father, a son, a brother. Raised in Kawhia, at the foot of the Tainui Waka. Dedicated to upholding the values of Kiingitanga and the customs of our Waikato-Tainui people.

The pieces in this exhibit, are an homage to the legacies of our illustrious ancestors, of whom we still sing and share stories of today. Hoping that our younger generations identify with the stories of their ancestors, thus identifying with themselves.

Technically, the artistic medium I have chosen for this series, consists of acrylic on stretched canvas. Utilizing a number of different methods and utensils, to apply the paint to canvas. Some examples of different utensils used being, kitchen sponges, palette knives, spray paint, masking tape and iceblock sticks to name a few. Philosophically, the artistic approach I have opted for, is to incorporate bold, energetic visuals. That immediately confront and challenge the observer. Shifting them from a space of casual viewing, into the realm of Tawhaki, being active engagement, growth and the pursuit of enlightenment.With humility, gratitude and respect.


Tukotahi X “


20 May – 12 Jun, 2022
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Te Toi Whakaahua Gallery
32 Victoria St

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Te Toi Whakaahua

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