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Toi Maaori Ki Kirikiriroa Community Day Event

10 Sep, 2023

A day filled with workshops, music, kai and celebrations of all the different forms and expressions of Toi.

All are welcome to join and engage in the free workshops and experience and explore different forms of visual art, weaving, carving, poetry, music, taonga puuoro and more led by great local mahi toi practitioners. Alongside the workshops, a free concert will provide the soundtrack to the day featuring a number of local Maaori musicians and performers, with a stage of entertainment supported by Waikato Tainui delivering an all round cultural and creative experience.

The Community Day is a celebration and the finishing element of the Toi Maaori Ki Kirikiriroa Waananga, a celebration that has been designed to create a space for Waikato toi Maaori to koorero, waananga and mahitahi, and serves as an epic kickstart into Te Wiki o Te Reo Maaori, which runs from September 11-17.

Toi Maaori Ki Kirikiriroa Community Day will open at 10am with the workshops and concert kicking off and concluding at 5pm.

Bring your whaanau and friends to have a hands-on experience with ngaa mahi Toi and enjoy this celebration of creativity and culture in Kirikiriroa.


10 Sep, 2023
10am - 5pm


Garden Place
Hamilton Central

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0508 427 892


Toi Maaori Ki Kirikiriroa Community Day Event