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The Terminator Movie Fundraiser

4 Aug

He said "I'll be back" and he is! Get along on August 4th for a special 40th anniversary screening of 'The Terminator' at Mercury Twin Cinemas.

In an event that promises to be both entertaining and meaningful, a special fundraiser invites the community to enjoy a legendary film, celebrate local achievements, and support an organisation that truly makes a difference in the Mercury Bay Community. So, whether you’re a long-time fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original Terminator movie, a supporter of Hato Hone St John, or simply looking for a fun and meaningful afternoon out, this fundraiser is for you.

The fundraiser screening is being sponsored and hosted in collaboration with All About Whitianga and Mercury Twin Cinemas with proceeds from ticket sales and raffles to go directly to the local Hato Hone St John Whitianga team, who have already attended to 795 callouts this year.

“As part of our 10 year business celebrations our team wanted to host a special fundraiser for St John Whitianga and felt this 40thanniversary screening of The Terminator would be a fun way to support this vital local cause. The fundraiser is an opportunity to enjoy a classic film on the big screen while contributing to the awesome local St John team. We’d love to see as many people as possible getting tickets and coming along for a fun afternoon of nostalgic movie viewing, good company, raffles, and great seat spot prizes!” said Cathy Klouwens of All About Whitianga.

In Whitianga, Hato Hone St John play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and safety of residents and visitors alike. Their services range from emergency medical response and patient transport to education and support initiatives that foster healthier communities.

“We’re excited to be working with All About Whitianga and Mercury Twin Cinemas on this fundraiser. Our motto is, ‘St John – here for life,’ which encapsulates our commitment to providing emergency medical services, first aid training, and community care. The funds raised from this movie event will directly support updates at our station that will benefit our paid and volunteer operational staff and our wonderful shuttle volunteers who are also based out of the station. We look forward to seeing everyone there!” said Cam Rota of Hato Hone St John Whitianga.

“The Terminator,” directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a landmark in the science fiction genre. Released in 1984, the film’s thrilling narrative, groundbreaking special effects for the time, and memorable one-liners have cemented its status as a classic for fans worldwide.

“We’re bringing Arnie back for this special screening of this iconic movie which features an awesome cast and some classic one-liners. It’s great to be partnering in support of this St John Whitianga fundraising event and I’d encourage everyone to get their tickets online or at Mercury Twin Cinemas as soon as possible as there are limited tickets available,” said Anne-Maree McDougall of Mercury Twin Cinemas.

So, get your tickets quickly for this special Hato Hone St John fundraiser and anniversary screening of the original sci-fi classic “The Terminator”. Limited tickets are available from Mercury Twin Cinemas for 4.30pm August 4 screening.

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4 Aug


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