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The State of Natural Flow, exhibition by Ulemj Glamuzina and Liz Wilson

Nov 25 – 27, 2022

The artists Ulemj Glamuzina and Liz Wilson will be showing their latest works inspired by their natural surroundings.

Ulemj practises mindfulness to connect with the essence of the simple things that surround in her day-to-day life through her fluid, spontaneous drawing style, mainly utilising inks, coffee and pencils. She will also have on display some of her botanically dyed garments.

The artists met through a shared interest in both leaf printing and shibori and have worked together often.

Liz Wilson’s interests in textiles are diverse – stitching, felting, dying and leaf printing, being inspired by nature and organic forms. She loves the serendipity of her art with leaf printing, shibori and indigo dyeing have become her main focus often embellished with stitch. Not being sure what will eventuate, she ‘goes with the flow’ and her work evolves.

Ulemj is a mother, educator and an award-winning visual artist, who is more known for her moody and emotive figurative pieces as well as her abstract art where she explores relationships between texture, movement and mark making. Fashion plays a significant role in Ulemj’s life so she has recently decided to launch her clothing label ZU. Ulemj believes that garments have power to influence and alter one’s perception, expressing oneself visually.

Open Saturday and Sunday 11am – 4pm


Nov 25 – 27, 2022
Opening 25 Nov 5.30pm


David Lloyd Gallery
78 Lake Crescent

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