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The Flow Collective - Flow Album Tour

3 Jun, 2023

Flow: unique compositions that celebrate the Whanganui River and the stories of its people.

Flow: Beautrais x de Vegt is a unique show that celebrates the Whanganui River and the stories of its people. It is made up of sixteen original compositions by Elizabeth de Vegt using poems from Airini Beautrais’ collection Flow: Whanganui River Poems (VUP2017) as lyrical inspiration. The compositions celebrate Beautrais’ poems by exploring traditional and contemporary musical forms, including jazz, working songs, sea shanties, folk, country and pop. More importantly, this unique creative collaboration elevates the stories at its core ensuring they continue to be shared and remembered.

Flow features composer Elizabeth de Vegt (vocals, piano, guitar) with accompanists Andrew Wetherall (guitar), Hamish Jellyman (bass and backing vocals), Brad McMillan (Drums) and Elise Goodge (taonga puoro and backing vocals).

This is a gorgeous album, timeless in its approach, and beautiful in all facets.
Kev Rowland – Music Net NZ

She brought Airini’s words into a whole new world, and all five musicians played as one throughout. Only a special outfit can do that. Did I mention the smiles? There were lots, from band and audience alike.
Michael Tweed – NZME

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3 Jun, 2023


Nivara Lounge
266 Victoria Street

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