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The Changing Same album launch, with George Henderson's New Existentialists and the Doubtful Sounds

30 Sep, 2023

Launching our new album (Go to the Movies, on Powertool Records) with the cream of North Island alt pop, Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton represent!

Another album, another band, another name. Matthew Bannister has made numerous records under different names, with different people – first Sneaky Feelings in Dunedin in the 80s, then the Dribbling Darts of Love in Auckland in the 90s, solo releases as One Man Bannister his acclaimed Beatle “cover albums” Evolver (2013) and Rubber Solo (2019) And now the Changing Same. Why so many names? Why not just use your own?  “I’ve never felt comfortable being a solo artist. Music to me is something you do with other people. That’s what makes it fun. When I get new people, it’s a new project. Of course it’s a bit of a disaster from a publicity/career point of view.”

The other band members are Bruce Dennis (drums, vocals), a talented songwriter/performer in his own right who won a Gold Guitar award for best song in 2008, John Maydon (guitar, vocals) and Graham Sinclair (bass). “Hamilton has a great indie music scene,” says Matthew. “It’s small and friendly, and everyone helps each other. It’s easy to play, as long as you don’t expect overnight fame.” In the last couple of year the band has slowly built up its live skills, playing at the Nivara Lounge in Hamilton with local indie legends Bitter Defeat, supporting Blam Blam Blam in March, at Last Place, at Powerfest in Auckland and Room 1 with The New Existentialists and Sam Loveridge.

The Changing Same are about to release a 10-track CD “Go to the Movies”, (a number of the songs were inspired by films), with Jason Long engineering and producing. Their last release, Creative Evolution in 2018, garnered some high praise from RNZ’s Nick Bollinger: “These are songs with something to say, both lyrically and melodically. The guitars and voices chime beautifully together, and unpredictable details are balanced out by things that feel instantly and satisfyingly familiar.’

The New Existentialists recently had an indie hit with “Last Days of the Internet” from EP of same name. Their leader George Henderson is a senior ambassador for local music; he was the founder of the Puddle, an underrated Dunedin Sound band of the mid-80s.

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30 Sep, 2023
8pm - 11pm


Last Place Bar
Collingwood Street

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