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'STRANGE SPACE' Art Exhibition Opening - NZ Artist Diane Scott

15 Mar

'STRANGE SPACE' Art Exhibition - Presenting the amazing collection of new artworks by NZ Artist Diane Scott & the launch of a new Art Rug 'Elixir'.

Art Exhibition 

Diane Scott is a New Zealand artist who has a Master of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from Elam School of Fine Arts University of Auckland. She is featured broadly through arts publications and her work is in corporate and private collections in NZ, USA, China, Canada and France.

Scott explores the tensions that exist between image and object and questions the hierarchies of the elements that comprise painting through the jumping of the image to material and from surface to void. Examining how an abstract painting can function as an object you see, but also in what that object makes visible through process, materiality and sensation. Scott is interested in producing work that simultaneously questions and withholds, and how this resistance to translation is a vital part of an artwork’s enigma.

‘Elixir’ Art Rug Launch

Diane Scott, was introduced to our Hamilton Gallery and what followed was a moment of awe and inspiration as Diane witnessed first-hand the extraordinary lengths we go to capture the essence of art and transform it into handmade rug designs that are truly unique. Our commitment to preserving the spirit of each artist’s vision resonated with Diane, sparking a creative synergy that would define our collaboration.

Together, we embarked on a journey to translate the beauty of her art into functional yet stunning rugs with timeless sophistication and individuality.

The fusion of Diane Scott’s artistic vision and our dedication to craftsmanship has resulted in a collection of art rugs that are truly extraordinary.


Since 2016, Barry Radford and Chao Han – founders of HANRAD – have been fostering partnerships with talented International and NZ artists, collaborating closely with them to transform their artworks into stunning art rug designs. By merging the realms of visual art and textile artistry, HANRAD brings forth a harmonious fusion that showcases the artists vision in a whole new dimension. Breathtakingly beautiful and visually stunning these collaborations result in truly unique and captivating art rugs that embody the essence of both disciplines.






15 Mar
5pm - 7pm


137A Alexandra Street
Hamilton Central

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