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September School Holiday Art Programme: 5-12 year olds

25 Sep – 6 Oct, 2023

Enrol now to secure a place in our popular art school holiday programme run by highly skilled & talented Waikato Society of Arts tutors.

Small numbers gives your child a quality & personal experience. Our studios are spacious, warm, light filled and welcoming. Our tutors are passionate about the arts and being able to inspire children in their creations.

Monday 25th Sept – Paint a Chinese Vase with Spring Flowers and Clay Creations

Tuesday 26th Sept – Shading and Drawing Skills and Flip Art Book

Wednesday 27th Sept – Watercolour Landscape Painting and Stamp Art Creations

Thursday 28th Sept – Weaving Mandala Wool Art and Oil Pastel and Dye Pattern Art

Friday 29th Sept – Vibrant Collage Artworks and Watercolour and Pigment Liner Designs

Monday 2nd Oct – Monochromatic Painting and Clay Modelling

Tuesday 3rd Oct – Drawing Building Shapes into a City Scene and Create a Keyring

Wednesday 4th Oct – Painted Cube Artworks and 3D Zig Zag Art Book

Thursday 5th Oct – Watercolour Creations and Chalk Pastel Art

Friday 6th Oct – Abstract Artworks and Scroll Art Creations

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25 Sep – 6 Oct, 2023
9am - 12pm


Waikato Society of Arts
12 Victoria Street
Hamilton Central

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Waikato Society of Arts