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September Holiday Programme – Sculpture and 3D Character Design – 12-17 year olds

Sep 25 – 28, 2023

Want to bring a creature to life these school holidays? Learn how to design and sculpt your own main character! 12-17 year olds will love this program

Super Sculpey is a specialised oven-bake polymer clay, often used in the manufacturing of toys, jewellery, and figurines. In this course, you will learn how to design a character and sculpt with this high-quality product. You will also learn how to build a tinfoil and wire base (‘armature’), which will reinforce the structure of your creation, so it may survive the distance.

Does your character have three heads or fire spurting from their nostrils? Maybe they have human features or just those of a plain old bunny rabbit. In this class, the world is your oyster (and your character could be too!)

Sculpting with polymer clay is a fun way to relax and let your creativity loose. You can achieve an intricate level of detail, using a variety of tools. Sculpting is immensely helpful for those wanting to improve their drawing skills, as you will begin to understand objects in a 3-dimensional format. It also serves as a steppingstone for those planning to pursue a career in the film industry as creature designers, props makers, stop-motion animators, prosthetic make-up artists and more.

Tutored by highly skilled and talented Anya Gladstone-Gallagher.

Small numbers give your teen a quality and personal experience.

4 Mornings for 12 -17 year olds.

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Sep 25 – 28, 2023
9am - 12pm


Waikato Society of Arts
120 Victoria Street
Hamilton Central

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Waikato Society of Arts