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Raglan Creative Market: Wet Plate Portrait Sessions

14 Jul

"Experience how portraits were made during the Victorian era"

Raglan Creative Market: Wet Plate Portrait Sessions

  • Raglan Old School Arts Centre
  • Sunday 14th July 2024
  • 10am – 3pm

This July, Adrian Cook will be taking his mobile darkroom (a 1950’s Bond-wood caravan) to the Raglan Creative Market to craft timeless portraits using the wet plate collodion process, a 19th century method of development that predates film photography.

Using equipment and techniques developed during the 1850’s, each image is hand-crafted producing an original direct-positive image on a sheet of glass or aluminium plate.

Plates will be posted to clients once varnished & cured, a week or so after their session.

Sessions last 45 minutes and are limited to 2 people per plate

Please book early to avoid disappointment as sessions are limited.

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Tintype Central


14 Jul
10am - 3pm


Raglan Creative Market
5 Stewart Street

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