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    Out of the Box Experience

    23 Apr – 31 Jul, 2022

    Out of the Box is a outdoor scavenger hunt meets escape room experience for a family of four ( 2 Adults 2 Children )- additional players can be added

    This fun interactive game is played as a group, solving clues and finding hidden locked boxes. The games takes approximately two hours to complete with a prize for the winning player. Join family and friends to blow away the cobwebs and challenge your creativity thought. Book now to play Out of the Box, our intriguing outdoor problem-solving game.

    $90 for two adults and two children

    Additional players can be added

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    23 Apr – 31 Jul, 2022


    The Sculpture Park and Arboretum
    207 Scotsman Valley Rd
    RD7 Hamilton

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    The Sculpture Park