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NEON WORLD ORDER: The promised 80s future

20 May, 2023

A retro futuristic night of original bands inspired by soundtracks of the 1980s, throw-back with us in the city of the future, the 'Tron!

The retro future depicted in 80s television & sci-fi movies was everything we hoped for… but never materialised. This night brings together original bands inspired by the music of the 1980s, for a throw-back night in the city of the future, the ‘Tron!

Synth-heavy, keytar-laiden with 80s dress up encouraged and a vintage stall with retro goodies for sale. Warm up the DeLorean and head to diner-esque/dive bar preferred by droids & time-travellers, Last Place, for some flash dancing!

*Brother Sister* (AKL) is a synth-pop band inspired by Saturday morning television, 80s movie soundtracks & sibling rivalry. Fresh off their live performance at the renowned ’13th Floor’ and the release of their Daft Punk inspired music video ‘Space’ (featuring an introverted alien grooving his way down K’ Rd), we’re excited to have these siblings headline the night.

*TeamSquad* is a synth-rock trio from Raglan. Proving not all beach-based bands play dub or reggae, this group straddle the cusp of 80s pop and prog-rock to pickle up a sound that’s equal parts warm and heavy. Like a weighted, black velvet blanket wrapped around your shoulder pads. Their 2022 EP, All Dream, features the single ‘Sideways’ – with a music video tripping through the notorious party streets of Bangkok by Tuk Tuk.

*Star Control* is a 3-piece synth-wave group from Auckland bringing the essential keytars to the party. Transporting you into your own personal montage sequence – from a soft-focus slow dance with your cyberpunk sweetheart to a bad trip in an alien disco, then punching into hyperspace towards another dimension.

*DJ Jett Ranger* bring a dystopian end to the night with an EDM set of synth-wave for all the replicants & cyber punks to get their steps in. Straight off the hovercraft from the throbbing Melbourne synth-wave scene, NZ-built cyborg Jett Ranger will get your circuits whirring.

20 May, Last Place. Doors 8pm
EARLYBIRD PRICE>>>$15 tickets from UTR: https://www.undertheradar.co.nz/gig/83767/Neon-World-Order—The-Promised-80s-Future-In-The-tron.utr

80s Dress up encouraged!

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20 May, 2023
Doors at 8pm.


Last Place
54 Collingwood St
Hamilton Central

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