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8 Jun

- Gather your friends for a weekend of art, beauty, and joy at the Morrinsville Gallery! - Free entry for our lovely community!

-Free entry for our lovely community!

-Discover a diverse range of our local artists in Matamata-Piako District and Waikato!

Join us on Saturday, June 8, from 11 AM to 1 PM for the opening of “Focus” and “Connection,” two exciting exhibitions.

Dianne Baker: Focus

Whakaturaanga Gallery

8 June – 14 July

Opening: Saturday, 8 June, 11AM – 1PM

“Focus,” an exhibition in the Whakaaturanga Gallery, features twenty-two paintings by artist Dianne Baker celebrating people focused on their particular activity. The COVID lockdown was over so that we could return to our pursuits. Dianne observed people’s joy and relief as they could work and enjoy life as they knew it. The works are not formal portraits of individuals. Instead, she focused on their connection and particular activity. Each painting celebrates all who are engaged and immersed in their own individual or group activity.

Dianne is aware of and enjoys that each viewer will bring their own experiences and responses to these works. That is an important part of exhibiting. Although she has used individuals as models, she encourages a broader view by painting them in their environment, which depicts the activity as important and the models as representatives of their trade or activity.

“Throughout art history we see so many paintings of important dignitaries whereas I enjoyed the artists who painted people going about their ordinary life without formal posing. I enjoy the challenge of honouring, through paint on canvas, people in their own environment and using their individual skills and knowledge.” Dianne Baker.

Renata Nemeth: connectiON

Community Gallery

8 – 25 June

Opening: Saturday, 8 June, 11AM – 1PM

“My exhibition ‘connectiON’ is a celebration of the bond that bind us to the philosophy of life and sustainable practices. Rooted in the heart of Waikato, this collection reflects my deep connection to the land, its community, and its rhythms, observing the delicate dance between humanity and nature.

In ‘connectiON’, I embrace the challenge of crafting contrast, tension, and harmony within each piece. My art beckons the observer to journey through its intricate layers, discovering new corners and angles with every step.

As an artist, my dream extends beyond the canvas; it’s a vision of fostering awareness and inspiring action towards sustainability. Through this exhibition, I invite viewers to contemplate their own connections to the world around them and to embrace the beauty of life.”

Renata Nemeth is an award-winning visual artist who resides and practices her craft in New Zealand. Her journey into the realm of artistry commenced during her formative years and has flourished ever since.

The Morrinsville Art Gallery Charitable Trust is the leading art gallery in the Matamata-Piako District. We work to create a vibrant environment for all locals and visitors to Morrinsville and the Mighty Waikato Region. As a charitable trust run by two staff members and twenty-nine volunteers, we create many opportunities for our community to connect within an art context.

We are committed to supporting local and national artists. With a diverse programme of exhibitions and events, we aim to inspire and engage our community with the transformative power of art.

Morrinsville is a vibrant and creative hub for art and culture in Waikato, and we are immensely proud to be part of it.


Morrinsville Gallery


8 Jun
11 AM - 1PM


Morrinsville Gallery
167 Thames Street

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