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    Foxy Lady Frock Swap

    11 May, 2023

    Go Eco (Waikato Environment Centre) are hosting a series of events and workshops to Derail Consumerism.

    Kirikiriroa’s foxiest lady presents a Frock Swap to Derail Consumerism.

    We love clothing swaps because:
    They reduce demand for new clothing production and divert textiles from landfill, reducing emissions.
    They’re an easy and low cost way to refresh your wardrobe or experiment with style
    It’s an act of rebellion against the Fast Fashion industry!
    They keep clothing local, which reduces energy use.

    How it works:
    Bring in the clean and tidy clothing you no longer love, fit or want, then have fun browsing through what other swappers have brought in to share. When you’re browsing, consider what might need a small alteration, or some creative upcycling to be perfect for you.

    The Repair-Coop is held in our space on the 2nd Saturday of every month between 10-12pm and is a great way to have help learning how to do this.

    Because we know excess clothing can be problematic, with lots going to landfill; we’ll be working with them to ensure we only give them what they can sell.

    The $5 entry fee helps support the Derail Consumerism campaign.
    Donations of good quality clothing can be dropped off the week of the swap.

    The Fashion Industry is the world’s 3rd largest polluter, and responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. It is being fueled by Fast Fashion which is “a business model based on stealing high fashion designs to mass manufacture and sell them as low quality low price products with unimaginable costs to people and the planet”. WTVOX

    Guided by our vision of healthy environments and thriving communities we’re hosting four events to Derail Consumerism, and the impact of Fast Fashion.



    11 May, 2023
    5.30 - 7pm


    Go Eco
    188 Commerce Street

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