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Exhibition: In Response

Nov 3 – 15, 2022

Painting, Printmaking, Photography and Ceramics.

An exhibition of Painting, Printmaking, Photography and Ceramics featuring Megan Campbell, Dianne Derbyshire, Renee Marjolein and Susannah Salter

Megan Campbell – Painting
Megan’s strong sense of colour and horizon explores themes of madness, balance, melancholy, joy and hope in large scale abstract oils.

Dainne Derbyshire – Photography
As a trained florist and photographer, Dianne’s seductive floral photography gives permanence to the fleeting beauty of flowers.

Renée Marjolein – Printmaking
Renée’s nostalgic woodcut prints, begun as a counter to lockdowns,  capture a sense of place and calm. They highlight the crisp summer sun on charming coastal homes and baches.

Susannah Salter – Ceramics
Susannah ritualised the 1pm pandemic briefings with crochet. Later these crocheted pots became the forms for the press moulded and delicately textured Worry Vessels.



Nov 3 – 15, 2022
10 - 3pm Daily


Gallery9 on Braid
9 Braid rd
St Andrews

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