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    Exhibition - 'Altarpieces & other things' by Dale Gilmore

    24 Mar – 13 Apr, 2023

    Opening Event Friday 24th March 5.30pm-7pm at blue Gallery, 3 Anzac Parade, Hamilton (under Paua Architects).

    This is a collection from work done in series. The Altarpieces reference the renaissance and earlier with their Romanesque and Gothic shapes. Also the timber backgrounds as opposed to canvas. In those days there would normally be a Biblical narrative on the panels, such as a crucifixion or annunciation. Those narratives have been replaced with the new gods of consumerism and Globalisation. This is not a political statement, but rather a reflection of our changing times and once shared values no longer in evidence.

    The canvas paintings deal with the nature of reality. There are no pilots in the planes and no drivers in the trains. They are just models and toys made to look real. So the question is asked, what is real.

    The screenprints are fun to do. I like to be a little quirky with these things and often place subjects in unfamiliar settings to create a little bit of humour for the viewer to appreciate.


    24 Mar – 13 Apr, 2023
    11.30am - 3pm Wednesday to Saturday


    blue Gallery
    3 Anzac Parade
    Hamilton Central

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