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Dreams come true - ABC of life

28 Jun – 28 Jul

Solo exhibition of Olya Shevel, "Dreams come true - ABC of life", showcasing their latest series of large-scale artworks.

I’m excited to invite you to my upcoming solo exhibition, “Dreams come true – ABC of life ,” where I’ll be showcasing my latest series of large-scale artworks. It is an amazing opportunity to showcase all my best works in the central location of Tokoroa at “Art gives Wings 77” Gallery.

I am Olya Shevel , Artist, poet, storyteller, was born in Ukraine and am now a New Zealand citizen and Tokoroa resident.
All the information for creating paintings and poems, fairy tales, comes to me in my dreams at night. Therefore, my painting is a unique border between worlds.

My story is magical and goes beyond the ordinary. I learned in a series of dreams after the loss of my parents. After only six months of learning in dreams, I held my first exhibition in Sydney Australia. Now I also receive information in dreams and they give me paintings, fairy tales and poems.

I wrote and illustrated the first book, Dreams Come True. The story about a lamb named Boom who wanted to fly, no one believed he could, but through the help of a friend, a Butterfly princess, his dream came true. The exhibition will include paintings that illustrate the book.

My work gives people the opportunity to participate in the process of creation called “Do good for the joy of people.”

I hope to see you there and share this special moment together.


Olya Shevel


28 Jun – 28 Jul
Opening event: Friday 28 June, 6.00 - 8.00 PM


Art Gives Wings 77 Gallery
75 Bridge St

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