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Day of the Imprisoned Writer

16 Nov, 2022

An evening of solidarity with imprisoned writers. Waikato writers read from the works of imprisoned writers and from their own works.

Every night we see the images of destruction in the Ukraine and the struggle of women in Iran for their Human Rights. We feel helpless, we are spectators of tragic and revolutionary events that we cannot influence. And yet there is something we can do: We can lend our voice to the works of oppressed and imprisoned poets and to human rights advocates. And we can support their cause with protests and petitions.

Following PEN International’s call, on November 16th we meet to exchange poems and short prose on the subject of freedom and oppression. We will circulate some petitions for the release of imprisoned poets.

Join us for an evening of solidarity with imprisoned writers.


16 Nov, 2022
7 pm - 9pm


Lady Goodfellow Chapel, UoW
Gate One Knighton Rd, 3216

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