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Art Weekend Port Waikato 2022

Nov 12 – 13, 2022

Open Studio Art Trail - Sunset Beach, Port Waikato.

Port Waikato is brimming with creatives.

We are a group of local artists opening our studios in order to share our working lives as artists with the wider community.

We’re encouraging people to come and see the mahi behind the scenes, to experience big messy studios or more focused and ordered ones.

To see the tools we use and the materials in their raw state, and to talk with the artists about the physical reality of making, and the creative and intellectual drive behind working in an artistic field.

Come and pick up a lump of clay and squash it through your fingers, look behind the canvas to its construction at the back, smudge a giant stick of willow charcoal across the paper, come and have a go!

Why do painters build up layers upon layers of colour on their canvases? Why does a ceramicist mix black sand into their clay? What makes an artisan scour the beach after a storm – what are they looking for?

Come and learn more at the Open Studios.

We would love to see you there

@robin.ranga @blackbatchceramics @pampas_and_pine @janawoodstudio @m._.feeney @waituhi_collective @gracethresher @nippies_edibleart_ @daryn.mcbride

Coffee, food, refreshments and real fruit ice cream will be available around the Port.


Nov 12 – 13, 2022
10am - 4pm


Various studios located around Port Waikato
Sunset Beach
Port Waikato

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