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    ART LIFE: Exhibition, Classes, Workshops

    29 Jun – 4 Jul, 2022

    An exciting week of classes and workshops with local artists Susan St Lawrence & Susannah Salter

    We are selling tickets for one-off classes and workshops for a one week only residency at Gallery9, so please BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment: https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/cc/art-life-at-gallery9-on-braid-344439


    Wednesday 29 June: 

    Exhibition Opening 6.30pm – 8.30pm FREE 

    Opening preview of our exhibition and week of events at Gallery9 onbraid!
    You are invited to join Susan and Susannah for a little party to celebrate our first exhibition together at Gallery9! Come and chat, buy some art, and have some wine, cheese, or a cuppa on us.


    Thursday 30 June: 

    09.30-12.30: Susan: Freedom Drawing. $50

    Is it scribble or fine art? Who cares?!

    These demonstrated techniques and fun, though sometimes challenging, drawing exercises are designed to help you quell your inner critic, trust your instinct and reboot your creativity.


    6.30pm-8.30pm: Susannah: Painting from Life. $50

    Join experienced tutor Susannah for an elegant evening of painting our live model.

    We will be looking at creating interesting shapes, volumes, colour and lines with a variety of media.

    Something for beginners and experienced artists alike.


    Friday 1 July

    Susannah: 09.30-12.00 Mix it UP $50

    Colour theory make you cringe? Pathetic palette? Or just want to have a fun and relaxing morning? Then this class is for you!


    Saturday 2 July

    Susan: 9.30am-2pm

    Experiments in Portraiture Workshop $100

    How do you know you’re drawing *this person* and not *that person*? What is it about them that clearly signals that they are they and not someone else?

    Portraiture is about observing and cherishing the differences; sensing and expressing uniqueness. This workshop of demonstrated techniques and thoughtful exercises are designed to help you sharpen your observation, try new ways of approaching your subject and build confidence in your creative instinct.


    Sunday 3 July



    Beyond the Brush Workshop $100

    Have fun with mixed media from watercolour to crayons and natural dye.

    The workshop starts with exploration of media and a letting go of previous creative beliefs.

    We will look at mark making, surfaces, creating depth and using new tools to create atmospheric artworks.


    Monday 4 July



    Joy of the Illustrative Line $50

    “A line is a dot that went for a walk” – Paul Klee (Artist 1879 – 1940)

    Have you ever taken a pencil line for a walk along a mantelpiece? Curious to try?




    Art with a Model $50

    Drawing and painting a real person is the ultimate art workout but you can do it too!

    Susannah will share her tips and tricks for getting the best out of a model, challenging ways of seeing and experimenting with exciting techniques.

    Something for beginners and experienced artists to relax and enjoy.

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    29 Jun – 4 Jul, 2022


    Gallery 9 onbraid
    9 Braid Road
    St Andrews

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