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An Oak Tree

Jun 14 – 18, 2022

What’s it like to see a show where one of the two actors changes every night…? Where this second actor has never seen the script?

What’s it like to see a show where one of the two actors changes every night…? Where this second actor has never seen the script?

A second-rate stage hypnotist haunted by guilt. Since a car accident he’s shattered and lost the power of suggestion (a disaster for a hypnotist).
Now his act is not what it was.
Now everything is exactly what it is.

Starring Carving in Ice stalwart Richard Homan and featuring a who’s who of the Waikato’s finest actors, An Oak Tree is unique in that the second actor discovers the play at exactly the same time as the audience.
With that discovery happening in front of our eyes, An Oak Tree makes it quite clear that we believe what we see in the theatre even though it flaunts its made-up nature in front of us.

“A fascinating exploration of the power of suggestion between hypnotist and subject, between actor and audience.” – Sydney Morning Herald. 
“Crouch’s brilliant wayward show…has an incredible emotional pungency.” – The Guardian

By Tim Crouch
Directed by Gaye Poole

June 14 – Missy Mooney
June 15 – Nick Clothier
June 16 – Mary Rinaldi
June 17 – Mandy Faulkner
June 18 4:30pm – John Davies
June 18 7:30pm – Liam Hinton

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Jun 14 – 18, 2022
7:30pm (4.30pm session 18th of June)


The Meteor Theatre
1 Victoria Street
Hamilton Central

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The Meteor