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A Journey with Chinese Art

9 Feb – 31 Mar

The Welcome Swallow Gallery is extremely proud to present its second exhibition, A Journey with Chinese Art that is inspired by Chinese history.

“A Journey with Chinese Art” is inspired by Chinese history and traditions. Throughout Chinese history, the practice of art is first learned by rote, in which the master shows the “right way” to draw.  Generations of new artists are encouraged to demonstrate mastery of continuous brush strokes and movement until it becomes instinctive.

In contemporary times, debated have established the limits of this tradition.  Within modern art scenes, innovation is now more the rule.  As with Western traditions, changing lifestyles, tools, and colors are also influenced by new waves of Chinese master painters.

The artists in this exhibition are Yong Ming Liu who is a consummate artist in the traditional Chinese landscape style.  Jing Liu shows considerable artistic dexterity in presenting several paintings that dynamically capture New Zealand flora, birds and delicately painted insects.  Yu Ting Li demonstrates her mastery of Chinese calligraphy with several representations of the stylized artistic writing of Chinese characters.


9 Feb – 31 Mar
Monday - Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm: Saturday 10am to 2pm, First Sunday in Month 10am-2pm


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